so... why don't you?

cause i find instagram very very dumb and i like my private life exposed to a very small circle of people, a few pics of me and photos i like are enough to show on the internet, facebook and tumblr are sufficient for that. I don’t feel the need to share pointless pictures i take on my ipad all day with you so yah

why don't you use instagram

so i get 5 messages a day in my ask box asking why i don’t use it

why don't u use indtagram

whats that

I have very flat hair and thin hair. Is it bad???

i don’t think so, i like very thin hair especially if you style it in pony tails or buns very tight against your head 

who are your favourite actor and actress?

dennis rodman tbh

how in the world do you style your hair? amazing bangs i cry :'(

i had a great hairdresser from amsterdam cut it for me, i have a diff length on my whole hair kind of like a mullet, and then different layers of bangs cut differently, i can play a lot with it, otherwise i just straighten it a little so i don’t look like ringo starr or something 

Gaetano PESCE